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Kraft 350 Cup Carrier

Product Details


Cup Carrier


225×175×80 mm
(Cup Holding Height= 50 mm)

Printing Options


Raw Material


34 gr

Possibility Of Printing

Multi Colored Printing


No Leakage Guaranteed, No Oder, High Quality German Ink Print

Minimum Purchasable Quantity (Except Samples)

2000 pcs

Quantity Per Box

200 pcs

Quantity Per 20" Container

200,000 pcs (1000 Boxes – Palleted)

Box Size

Quantity Per 40" Container

400,000 pcs (2000 Boxes – Palleted)

Mega Truck

4,850,000 pcs (4850 Boxes)

Mega Truck (Palleted)

3,600,000 pcs (3600 Boxes)

ST Truck

3,762,000 pcs (3762 Boxes)

ST Truck (Palleted)

2,880,000 pcs (2880 Boxes)

Pallet Situation

Small Package (Samples), Within A Pallet (Wholesale), Without Pallet (Wholesale)

Inquiry Form

Inquiry Form
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Kraft 350 Cup Carrier

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